This is a selection of my work for a range of audiences, including examples of children’s book illustration and pop-culture inspired art for grown-ups.

Big Pets

An imaginary world of children with huge animal friends…

Celebrity Alphabet

The celebrity alphabet was a drawing-a-day project from October 2018.

The Christmas Next Door

The Christmas Next Door, written by T.A. Creaser and Samuel Langley-Swain, illustrated by Christine Cuddihy, was published in October 2018, by Owlet Press.

Explorer Cat

Explorer Cat is a series of illustrations showing an intrepid cat’s journeys around the world and beyond!

Art Kino – Alternative Film Posters

Art Kino is an art book bringing together a collection of illustrations inspired by some of my favourite films. With the support of film and art-loving backers on Kickstarter, the book was launched in September 2018. Art Kino is available to buy from my Etsy shop!